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Company formation Poland

We believe that simple is always better. Here are 8 biggest benefits that polish limited liability company can give you:

  • have a favourable corporate income tax rate which is only 9% (can be used by entrepreneurs: who are small taxpayers whose gross sales revenue did not exceed EUR 2 million in the previous tax year)
  • the minimum share capital is 5 000 PLN (that is around 1 100 €)
  • the Minimum salary for employees in 2021 is 2 800 PLN gross (that is around 610 €)
  • You can register your company without a visit to Poland. We will help you to do it remotely.
  • it is great for small businesses. Whether you have 100 silent investors or are a two-person small-business operation.
  • it can be established for short-term projects.
  • it is the best solution for start-ups and online businesses such as Amazon Sellers or Youtube Creators. The LLC is quickly becoming the entity of choice for raising seedor angel capital — early-stage investments under $500,000 or so.
  • Gives you the protection of your personal assets.
Company formation Poland


Incorporation of the company

You need assistance on every stage of the registration process including representation before the Polish National Court Register (KRS), help with finding an office, open a bank account, finding an accountant and more? You found the right people.

Registration of changes

Do you want to change the name of your company, add a new business partner as a shareholder, increase the company’s share capital or anything else? Changes are sometimes needed, and we know it. So chillax, we will guide you during this process.


Sometimes even the best idea for business might be not enough or a change of business direction is necessary. You need to close your company we will handle all the paperwork for you and assist you step by step during the liquidation process.


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